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Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is defined as progressive neurological degenerative disorders in which memory loss occurred with impairment of intellectual this disease the neurons in brain were affected.

Plagues and tangles are formed between gap of two neuron and inside neuronal cells.

Plagues are nothing but collection of abnormal protein beta amyloid and tangles are collection of neurofibrillary protein tau. these both proteins disturbed communication between neurons especially neurons which are responsible for memory .in human brain there are around 100 billion neurons ,each neuron work as small factory and passes signal to another neuron .these plagues and tangles start degeneration of neurons.

The symptoms usually appeared in old age above 65 years, dementia is the main symptom. Causes are genetic, environmental, lifestyle.


  • DEMENTIA-MEMORY LOSS especially newly learned things in early stage.
  • Loss of cognitive skill and intellectual level
  • Difficult to carryout day to day activities


  • Physical examination
  • Neurological examination- reflexes/muscle power/assessment score
  • Neurophysiological tests
  • MRI of brain
  • PET scan for amyloid & tau protein


  • Cholinesterase inhibitors and memantine


In case of Alzheimer’s disease there is loss of neuronal cells because of amyloid protein and tau protein depositions. This disease is progressive in nature, stem cell have properties of differentiation into any type of cells exist in human body and these cells are multipotent in nature.

According to statistical data of worldwide clinical trials and animal study, it shows that stem cell after transplantation travel to brain and start multiplying themselves and differentiate into neurons.

Stem cell also secrete cytokines and growth factors which stimulate existing neurons in brain.

Because of stem cells the deposition of amyloid and tau protein stopped and further degeneration of neurons also prevented.

Regularly mesenchymal stem cells are used for transplantation. We can separate these cells from bone marrow source or adipose tissue or umbilical cord tissue.

Our center is pioneer in this field on regular basis we do treat such type of patients.

We provide individualize protocol based stem cell therapy for Alzheimer’s disease at our stem cell centers located in India at Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and other metro cities.

We provide stem cell therapy at best affordable cost.

For international patient: We ask detail medical history and do free online consultation, if anything required we ask same to patient before starting procedure.

After acceptance of case we provide medical visa assistance to patient.

Our all centers are according to international standards, we provide complimentary airport pick up and drop.


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