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There are Various Sources of stem cells like Embryonic Stem Cell, Umbilical cord tissue/cord blood, Wharton jelly Stem Cells, Fetal Stem Cells & Autologous Stem Cell derived from Patient.

Mainly Stem Cells could be classified into Two Categories Allogeneic Stem Cell derived from Umbilical Cord /blood, fetal or embryo & Autologous Stem Cells derived from patient body from Bone marrow, Adipose tissue (fat) & blood.

In preclinical Studies on animal model like rodents it was noted teratoma formation at site of Embryonic stem cell infusion /transplant that was evidence based .there are few reports noted in news channel of few spinal cord injured patients who got Embryonic stem cell transplant & got tumour formation but to support this there wouldn't be strong evidence.

In fact Embryonic Stem Cells are pluripotent they can develop entire human being so uncontrollable multiplication of these cells could be happened, beside this possibility using of these cells for research or clinical purpose was completely banned in the world.

Using allogeneic source Umbilical cord tissue or blood sometimes causes life threatening complications reaction or graft versus host disease.

In case of Autologous Stem Cell stem cells were used from Patient body So there wouldn't be any risk involved of rejection or reaction or cancer formation.

Autologous Stem Cell Therapy /Bone marrow stem cells is completely safe.

I can answer above question point wise.

* Stem Cell is under research in current scenario, preclinical & human trials are going on.

* There are misconception /Rumours that Stem Cell cause cancer, it’s absolutely baseless & without using Embryonic Stem Cell it was noted tumour formation in rodents so these cells were banned completely for research purpose use.

* Family doctors /consultants don't allowing Patient to go for Therapy.

In case of autoimmune diseases or end stage organ damage if these consultant doesn't have solution & also doesn't have knowledge of stem cell then I think they don't have right to comment.

*Are Stem Cell Therapy really working or give 100 % improvement?

Answer is simple No medical treatment give 100% improvement , simply taking medication for hypertension or sugar every day I don't think is solution or perfect Treatment.

In case of organ transplant or chemotherapy or radiotherapy or Neurological surgeries mortality and morbidity rate is more & We are not sure about improvement but still We are doing procedure then Why our expectations are more in case of stem cell therapy .

* Stem Cell Therapy are more expensive & result is not guaranteed

Every Medical treatment in metro cities are expensive &there is no guarantee or warranty in any type of medical treatment.

We have been treated number of patient’s successfully. We do have Stem cell therapy for various life threatening diseases, even though we treated chronic kidney, Liver cirrhosis patients successfully.

Stem Cell having great potential for organ/tissue regeneration & repair.

How to take decision for stem cell therapy:

Stem cell therapy is research based promising Treatment modalities. The results may vary patient to patient & depends on health condition. Stemmedica India providing stem cell therapy for various indications.

1). patient can fill up enquiry form online on website homepage:

Or can be in touch with clinical team by sending mail on

2).Our Doctor will do online consultation & ask for Medical reports.

3). whenever patient accepted for Treatment then we will issue Medical visa invitation letter that should be submitted to Indian embassy of that particular region.

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