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Covid 19 & Stem Cell Therapy

In December 2019, atypical Acute Respiratory diseases noted in Wuhan city of China. The Responsible pathogen was later on found is SARS CoV 2 (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome corona virus 2) & disease caused by this virus named as Covid 19, Covid 19 declared as Pandemic by WHO. Initially it was noted that Covid 19 is Zoonotic but human to human transmission occurred throughout world & count of cases increases day by day. In lack of available treatment all affected countries were following self distancing & lock down protocol. Vaccine for Covid 19 is under development stage.

Initially in Covid 19 cases cough, fever , dyspnea are the main symptoms noted which are related to lower respiratory tract infection but later on as outbreak occurred headache, abdominal pain,nausea, vomitting, diarrhoea, weakness added in above list. Covid 19 Were consider to be Zoonotic infection which spread from seafood Market in Wuhan city ,elder people are more affected & children are least affected. Mortality and morbidity were more in immunocompromised patients .

As of now the self distancing & boosting immunity were two major Weapons against Covid 19 .

How stem cell therapy will improved condition in Covid 19 affected patient

China government started using stem cell infusion in Covid 19 affected patients.

Basically Covid 19 disease affect lungs more as compare to other organs. Because of lung inflammation the perfusion capacity of lungs decreases. Virus destroyed surfactant and pneumocytes So actual area of lungs were decreased & oxygen carrying capacity of lungs also decreased.

Four phases of Covid 19

Phase 1:cell invasion & viral replication in Nose

Phase 2: viral replication in the lungs & immune system alerted

Phase3: Pneumonia

Phase4:Acute Respiratory Syndrome, Cytokine storm, Multiple organ failure.

Mesenchymal stem cells are immunoprotectant ,anti inflammatory and antifibrotic .

In case of lung infection & collapse We regularly using stem cells which help in lung tissue regeneration.

Stem cells could regenerate lung back by differentiating into pneumocytes & also stimulating existing pneumocytes by secreting growth factors & cytokines.


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