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Is Stem cell Therapy Effective in Osteoarthritis?

Is Stem cell Therapy Effective in Osteoarthritis?

Adult stem cells derived from patient body bone marrow, adipose tissue are safe & effective, there would be risk if pluripotent stem cells were used. Adult Stem Cells are retrieve from Patient Bone marrow or Adipose tissue or umbilical cord Mesenchymal Stem Cells.

Autologous Bone marrow Stem Cells : Bone marrow collected from Anterior iliac or posterior iliac Crest of Hip Bone which later on separated by centrifugation method & send for culturing & separation of mesenchymal stem cells .

Autologous Adipose Stem cells : fat stromal cells collected by liposuction & which later on digested by enzymatic digestion method .these cells later on culture to get multipotent stromal cells.

Allogeneic Adult stem cells: these are collected & cultured from Umbilical cord blood/cord tissue/Wharton’s jelly.

PRP (platelet rich Plasma): PRP were derived from peripheral venous blood by centrifugation method.

Route of Administration: intra articular into specific joint.

What are side effects of Adult Autologous stem cell Therapy?

as such for Autologous source there wouldn't be any side effect ,procedure related things are there like swelling, pain, chances of infection if not properly followed.

How stem cell improve the condition?

*stem cell can be differentiate into cartilage cells

*stem cell can suppress inflammation.

*stem cell can secrete growth factors which can be prevent damage of cartilage.

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