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Why Medical tourism?

We understand the importance of reliability and dependability. We work hard to gain patients confidence. Thus, we have adopted strict quality control checks at different aspects of our services. The hospitals are selected on a number of parameters including experience in specific healthcare segments, panel of doctors, certifications, infrastructural base and past records. Our panel of consultants and surgeons are highly trained and experts in their fields. Most of the doctors have graduated from top US & UK universities and have vast experience in the critical surgeries and procedures they perform. We have included testimonials of our Doctors.

A large percentage of the overseas public does not have financial access to major medical procedures. These procedures can be a quality of life procedure such as orthopedic, dental cosmetic or a lifesaving procedure such as cardiac or oncology. Stem medica india offers the overseas public access to high- quality medical procedures provided by certified hospitals around the world at affordable costs. We offer an alternative to the inaccessible US & Uk healthcare. Services are provided by well-trained doctors, with superior know-how and experience.

Stem Medica India is a service-focused organization. We provide superior services in a timely manner. We have an ongoing, comprehensive, quality control program to assure 100% customer satisfaction.

What we do

Stem Medica India provides services to the international patient along with family to ensure a pleasant and comfortable experience throughout their stay.

Some of the services that we can provide:

  • Suggesting Hospitals/Clinics as per treatment required/budget.
  • World-class Treatment by UK/USA trained Doctors in India.
  • Fixation of appointment with Chief Doctors on top priority prior to arrival
  • Arranging consultations with doctors
  • Assisting in planning treatment /check up with appointment fixing and travel scheduling.
  • No waiting time for surgical procedures
  • Packages offered only for Medical Treatment till discharge from hospital.
  • Coordinating all appointments
  • Nurses/Guide.
  • Online assistance to the Patients.

Optional Services Related To Hotel Accommodation & Tour Packages:

  • Stay arrangements, pre-hospitalization and post hospitalization
  • Arranging accommodation for family members and attendants.
  • Package Tours can be organised at very reasonable cost to various places of interest in places like, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Agra, etc
  • Can fix-up guides/escorts to accompany if willing.
  • All these optional services can be availed, if desired, at nominal service fees
  • Post treatment medical check-up before departure
  • Airport transfers.

The company has contract with various hospitals/clinics, hotels, resorts, interpreters, guides to facilitate providing above services.

The company is also planning to arrange online chats and video conferencing between doctors and international patients so that they can clear doubts before they come to India

Corporate or Institutional Medical Tourism:

A new trend of health care tourism overseas is Corporate or Institutional medical tourism where corporations are coming up with employee healthcare benefits strategies that would save on corporate medical treatment costs; particularly the corporate are concerned about the rising cost of business health insurance that comes with high premiums to cover surgical interventions and hospitalization expenses for their employees.

Over the very recent past most employee health care providers have seen certain common issues such as cardiac stress, obesity and orthopedics, which are often very expensive and a setback to overall productivity levels of the employees, the solution to save cost on such things and to get better productivity level is to opt for Institutional or corporate medical treatment abroad.

Services we offer under Medical Tourism in India

Total hip replacement surgery replaces the upper end of the thighbone (femur) with a metal ball and resurfaces the hip socket in the pelvic bone with a metal shell and plastic liner. Total hip replacement surgery replaces damaged cartilage with new joint material in a step-by-step process.

In hip resurfacing, the femoral head is not removed, but is instead trimmed and capped with a smooth metal covering. The damaged bone and cartilage within the socket is removed and replaced with a metal shell, just as in a traditional total hip replacement Spinal Disc Replacement

The use of an artificial disc to replace a damaged spinal disc that is generating chronic back pain. There are a wide variety of new products, procedures and techniques currently in development to enhance spine surgery, and many spine surgeons believe that artificial disc technology holds real promise for significantly improving the standard of care for many patients.

Spinal fusion is surgery to join together two bones (vertebrae) in the spine. Fusion permanently joins two bones together so there is no longer movement between them. Spinal fusion is usually done along with other surgical procedures of the spine.

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