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Optic Neuritis Atrophy /Optic nerve Damage

Optic Neuritis /Optic Nerve Atrophy –Stem Cell Therapy

Optic neuritis: it is condition in which inflammation could damage Optic Nerve, it could be temporary or permanent.

Optic Nerve Passes visual information from eye to brain.

Optic Neuritis occurred because of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) or Lupus or other autoimmune disorders.

Signs & Symptoms:

Eye pain, Vision loss, visual field loss, colour vision loss, flashing of lights

Stem Cell Therapy for Optic Nerve Damage:

Autologous Bone marrow Concentrate contains number of stem cells mainly Hematopoietic Stem Cells (HSC) & mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC), MSC are highly proliferative, differentiate into neuronal & glial cells (multipotent), Immunomodulatory & anti-inflammatory.

MSC used in case of autoimmune neurological disorders.

Route of administration of Stem Cells:



Intraoptic nerve




MSC differentiate into Neuronal Cells & glial cells even secrete Growth factors like brain derived Neurotropic factor (BDNF) & glial cell lined derived neurotropic factor (GDNF) which inhibit apoptosis ,suppress inflammation ,help in Angiogenesis .

Improvement after Stem Cell therapy:

Patient can see improvement in visual acuity, light perception, Colour vision, Nystagmus.


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