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Are Retrobulbar /intravitreal stem cell therapy is safe?

Are Retrobulbar /intravitreal stem cell therapy is safe?

Stem cells basically classified into two broad categories, autologous means donor & recipient are same basically stem cells obtained from bone marrow, adipose tissue.

Allogeneic means donor & recipient are different. Broadly cells are derived from Umbilical cord tissue.

In case of vision loss/Optic Nerve dystrophy/atrophy, macular degeneration or Retinitis Pigmentosa the regularly used cells are Autologous derived from bone marrow of patient & umbilical cord Mesenchymal stem cells.

Retrobulbar stem cell therapy is completely safe without any side effects.

On the basis of preclinical and clinical trials it would observed that Mesenchymal stem cells could be differentiated into multiple type of stem cells .these cells are multipotent.

Route of administration:

Retrobulbar /intravitreal.

There could be chances of bleeding /redness due to breakage of small blood vessels that could go away in a week.

Chances of infection if procedure weren't follow properly.

Improvement can be seen in a month’s post procedure.

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