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Stem Cell Therapy for Brain Diseases

Stem Cell Therapy for Brain Diseases

Intrathecal Stem Cell administration:

Usually to get better improvement we have to inject stem cells near to targeted Organ or Tissue. There are various barrier associated with system in human body. One of them is blood brain barrier, If We use systemic route like intravenous stem cell administration for Neurological Disorders then it would not give much benefit.

Neurological Disorders are Type of Diseases /health problems associated with Brain & spinal cord dysfunction /malfunction. Examples are Autism Spectrum Disorders/Cerebral Palsy/Multiple Sclerosis/Amyotrophic lateral Sclerosis /Spinal cord injury/Alzheimer /Parkinson's/Neuromuscular Disorders etc.

Intrathecal Stem cell administration means Stem Cell would be injected into intrathecal space directly into cerebrospinal fluid So stem cell would be delivered instantly to targeted damaged part of brain & during journey loss of Stem cells would also minimal.

To do procedure No anaesthesia required its simple minor procedure.

Post procedure: minimal headache, Nausea, Sometime Vomiting, fever maybe experienced by patient, all these changes could be transitory & go off in couple of days.

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