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Why not Stem Cell Therapy universally accepted & used as Routine line of Treatment:

Why not Stem Cell Therapy universally accepted & used as Routine line of Treatment

I can answer above question point wise.

* Stem Cell is under research in current scenario, preclinical & human trials are going on.

* There are misconception /Rumours that Stem Cell cause cancer, it’s absolutely baseless & without using Embryonic Stem Cell it was noted tumour formation in rodents so these cells were banned completely for research purpose use.

* Family doctors /consultants don't allowing Patient to go for Therapy.

In case of autoimmune diseases or end stage organ damage if these consultant doesn't have solution & also doesn't have knowledge of stem cell then I think they don't have right to comment.

*Are Stem Cell Therapy really working or give 100 % improvement?

Answer is simple No medical treatment give 100% improvement , simply taking medication for hypertension or sugar every day I don't think is solution or perfect Treatment.

In case of organ transplant or chemotherapy or radiotherapy or Neurological surgeries mortality and morbidity rate is more & We are not sure about improvement but still We are doing procedure then Why our expectations are more in case of stem cell therapy .

* Stem Cell Therapy are more expensive & result is not guaranteed

Every Medical treatment in metro cities are expensive &there is no guarantee or warranty in any type of medical treatment.

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